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    Since its founding in 2005, the Jean Monnet Department of Political Science has the objective of providing knowledge in the field of Political Sciences through a multi-interdisciplinary approach.

    It aims to give students all the fundamental cultural tools to manage the complex dynamics of the contemporary global society, to train public and private actors operating in the field of territorial policies and to encourage a broad vision of international relations and regional integration processes, with particular attention to the Euro-Mediterranean context.

    The Department is focused on the branch of knowledge of political science, adminstration studies, and international relations.

    Three key words characterize the Department:


    as an operational tool for opening up to the global academic education - with particular attention to European and Euro-Mediterranean perspectives - through a transnational education and international programs for the exchange of teachers and students.


    to combine different expertise in the fields of political, social, historical, legal and economic sciences which offer a high degree of specialization and guarantee the highest possibility of access to the labor market.


    for the implementation of a modern study programme to provide high-level planning skills which allow to give a new impulse to cultural growth and socio-economic development of the territory within the European and global contexts. 

    For the aforementioned reasons and its specific vocation the Department takes the name of Jean Monnet, who actively and decisively supported the European integration process.In order to strengthen the natural link between the University and the territory, the Department interacts with local and regional institutions, which represent a natural job opportunity for our graduates.

    The Department is based in Caserta, Viale Ellittico n.31, where out all courses and activities take place, including our PhD programme.

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